Tools & Equipment Tools & Equipment Rotary tools For rough work, I use a Wecher 25621/22, with a flexible shaft and two hand pieces. (the maller is show at top). For detail work, I use a PowerCarver I got from the Sculpting Studio. I used to use a TurboCarver, but it needed 2 rebuilds in a year, and they wouldn't let me purchase parts to do the rebuilds myself. I worked great ... when it worked. I've had NO problem with the PowerCarver. They take 1/16" high speed burrs, turn at 400,000rpm, and run off an air compressor. More speed = better control of detail! 112543257 PowerCarver top Here's the business end of the PowerCarver .. with one of the tips I used the most .. high speed carbide tapered tip. 112543256 1/16" rotary burrs Dremel tool top to the left, the other 3 are high speed, 1/16" burrs 112543254 1/16" Rotary burrs Various 112543255 Collwood Wood Burning tool I use a Collwood Super Pro. It is relatively inexpensive, and allows for two handpeices to be connected to it all the time. Usually, I have a very small 'cutting' tip, on one, for detail work, and a higher powered larger tip in the other. You can switch back and forth with a switch. 112543258